Java SNMP agent

java SNMP agent is the one who will accept the request from the SNMP manager and send the response back to the SNMP agent. Here we will see how to implement SNMP agent in java.

Java SNMP agent

Please follow the following steps for implementing SNMP agent on java.
1)Before we starting implementing java SNMP agent, we should know what is SNMP manager. If you do not know what is SNMP manager then please click on the following the link.
SNMP Manager

2)Now please download the following java SNMP agent code project and unzip it.
Java SNMP agent (14 downloads)

3)Open the downloaded SNMP agent project in Eclipse IDE.

4)Modify SNMP agent address if you want. Default SNMP agent adddress is localhost which is shown below.
java snmp agent address

5)Create OIDs and responses here which is shown here.
java snmp agent pdu

6)Once you are done above changes. Then please run the java code

7)After running above code you will see following output on console.
java snmp manager console

8)Now please open your SNMP manager. If you do not have SNMP manager then please click on the following link to install SNMP manager on your system.
SNMP Manager

9)Now please follow the following steps on your SNMP manager to receive response from SNMP agent.
java snmp manager

Common Doubt

1)Can I use Java as SNMP manager?

Yes, you can use. If do not know how to use java as SNMP manager please click on below link.
Java SNMP manager

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