What is IP address in networking

What you will learn here about IP address in networking.

  • What is IP address 
  • IP address classes range
  • IP address format
  • Private IP address ranges

What is IP address?

The IP address is a 32 bit number represented in a dotted decimal form which is used to identify devices such as laptops, mobiles, PCs, tablets, printers, etc on the internet as well as local networks.

IP address classes range

Based on IP address ranges there are five IP address classes which are shown below.

IP address format

The IP address is a 32 bit number represented in dotted decimal form which is shown below. Each 32-bit address is comprised of a variable-length network portion in the top bits and a host portion in the bottom bits.

Number of network bits and host bits are variable and depends on subnet mask. If you want to know about Subnet mask then please click on the  following link.

What is subnetting in networking

Please note that the IP address does not represent the only host address, the IP address also represents the network address. So if your system or computer is connected to two different network then your computer or system will have two different IP addresses.

Private IP address ranges

Private IP address, we can access only locally not globally. Private IP addresses are the backbone of  the internet. The private IP address table is shown below.

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