Installing apache tomcat

Installing Apache tomcat on windows. Apache tomcat is a web server environment which allows you to implements several J2EE  specifications including java servlet, java servlet page, websocket etc.
To run Apache Tomcat on windows , you need a JDK. To download JDK, please click on the following link.

Assuming you have successfully installed JDK .
1)Download the Apache tomcat.
Download Apache Tomcat (49 downloads)

2)extract the downloaded file rar file wherever you want.

3)Inside Apache tomcat file there are two Apache Tomcat zip files, One for windows 32 and another for windows 64. Extract zip file based on your system specification which is shown below.

4)Your apache extracted path is your apache installed path which is shown below.

5)Now Search This PC or MY computer in your system and right click on This PC or MY computer and click on Properties which is shown below.

6)Now first Click on Advanced system settings and then click on Environment Variables. Now click on New under System variables which is shown below.

7)After Click on New, Enter Variable name as JAVA_HOME and Variable value as your system JDK installed path and click on OK, which is shown below. In my system JDK is installed in following path
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_211

8)Again click on New to add another variable, Enter Variable name as CATALINA_HOME and Variable value as your system apache-tomcat-8.0.33 installed path and click on OK ,which is show below. Please see step 4 to see your Apache installed path. In my system Apache-tomcat-8.0.33 is installed in following path
C:\Apache Tomcat\apache-tomcat-8.0.33

9)Now check for Path under System variables and click on Edit under System variables. Now click on New and enter bin folder path  of apache-tomcat-8.0.33 which is shown below for windows 7 as well as for windows 10. In my system path is given below.
C:\Apache Tomcat\apache-tomcat-8.0.33\bin

10)Now go to inside bin folder of apache-t0mcat-8.0.33  and double click on startup.bat file to start apache tomcat server.

11)while starting apache tomcat windows defender may ask you some permission, please click on Allow access.If you are getting message as start Server startup in XXX ms mean Apache Tomcat started successfully which is shown below.

12)To check apche tomcat working or not. Open any browser and enter following URL. If browser showing default apache tomcat page means Apache tomcat installed and working successfully which is shown .below.

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