Firewall allow incoming connections

When the firewall is blocking incoming connections on your laptop or computer then other computers of the same network will not able to connect to your computer or laptop In order to allow other computers to connect your computer or laptop you need to allow firewall incoming connections. So here we will see how to allow firewall incoming connections. If you want to know, how to block firewall incoming connections then please click on below link.
Firewall block all incoming connections

Steps for Firewall allow incoming connections

Please follow following steps to allow incoming connections through windows firewall.

1)Press Windows+R of your laptop or computer.

2)Type firewall.cpl and click OK which is shown below.

3)Click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off which is shown below

4)please untick the Block all incoming connections which is shown below.

5)After untick please click on OK to allow incoming connections which is shown below.

Congrats. This is how we can allow the incoming connections.

Video link – Firewall allow incoming connections

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