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Motivational Quote 1

It is always easier for me to go to the gym and doing workout there. But I always missed my gym whenever I am not able to getting out of my bed and steping out of room.

Sagar Khamkar

present motivational quotes sagar khamkar

Motivational Quote 2

Most of the times what happens whenever we are free or whenever we sit idle, we think about our past and future which creates negative thinking in our mind. So it is better we do not think about our past and future because past is over which we can not change and future is to happen in our life which is depends on our present movement. So it is better we live in Present rather than living in the past and future.

Sagar Khamkar

Motivational Quote 3

Sometimes we stuck to the problem and we find it difficult to solve it because without knowing the exact root cause of the problem we try to solve it. Once we find the root cause of the problem then it easier to find the solution.

Sagar Khamkar

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Motivational Quote 4

Sometimes we go with friends to a party and we drink or smoke there just because our friends are forcing or Sometimes we feel, we should drink or smoke to reduce stress. Drinking or smoking once or twice is not a bad thing but getting addicted to it, is a bad thing. So please do not get addicted to it.

Sagar Khamkar

Motivational Quote 5

We suppose to not make any commitment or decision, whenever something goes wrong with us. wherever we make any commitment or decision in such circumstances most often leads to an unknown destination.

Sagar Khamkar

Motivational Quote 6

There are so many people in this world whose existence are known to only people who are surrounded by them. Our existence should not be known to the people, who are surrounded by us, it should be known to the entire world.

Sagar Khamkar

Motivational Quote 7

One day I was waiting at the bus stop because I had to go somewhere. The bus came where I had go but it was very crowded so I decided I would wait for the next bus as the frequency of that bus was 5 minutes. That day I waited for more than 2 hours for the bus. That day I realized opportunities are like buses catch them when you can because you never know when the next one is coming.

Sagar Khamkar

Motivational Quote 8

In our life when we do something and if we get insulted, we stop doing those things just because we are insulted and we felt bad. Do not change your good habits just because of one or two bad experiences.

Sagar Khamkar

Motivational Quote 9

One day I was waiting to traffic signal become green. At that time I observerd there were so many people who break the signal even they know when signal is red they have to stop but the reality is that they do not understand they have to stop.

Sagar Khamkar

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